How funding is provided and what organisations are supported

The results achieved by the Ballroom Dancing Foundation are driven by the organisations we support.

How we provide funding for projects

We are focused on getting more Australians to participate in ballroom dancing. The Ballroom Dancing Foundation will fund organisations to deliver projects that will achieve this objective. We work with organisations enthusiastic about getting more people dancing and promoting fun in the industry.

We do all we can to ensure the success of projects we fund. Our funding on large projects is set up on a progressive basis, which includes:

  • Commencement payment
  • Progress payments
  • Completion payment

This shares the risk between the Ballroom Dancing Foundation and the organisation, and ensures our active participation throughout the project.

Project delivery process

In reviewing project proposals from organisations we have a four-step process that is both practical and easy to execute. We help define:

  • Project scope
  • Expected deliverables
  • Measures of success
  • Funding contract

Project examples

To get more people into ballroom dancing, BDF prioritises projects that address gaps or needs in the industry. Examples include:

  • Training programs
  • Public performances
  • Social dancing events

Contact us to find out how you can request our support, or read on to see how we have partnered with other organisations.

Support process and funding at a glance

Support process and funding at a glance

DanceSport Confidence

The Ballroom Dancing Foundation was well aware there was no school program in Victoria that taught ballroom dancing. Implementing a school program on a wide scale was an obvious way to advance the development of ballroom dancing. In New South Wales this development activity has been fulfilled by DanceSport Confidence, an established provider with many years’ experience.

Development of schools program in Victoria

The Ballroom Dancing Foundation worked with DanceSport Confidence to bring their school wellbeing and ballroom dancing program into Victoria from New South Wales. The program has a proven record of teaching vital wellbeing skills through ballroom dancing and stands out when compared to competing training and excursion programs. This type of wellbeing program has shown to be attractive for schools to offer to parents and provide successful outcomes.

The Ballroom Dancing Foundation supported DanceSport Confidence by providing initial funding to support coaching of a Victorian State Manager for DanceSport Confidence, other teaching staff for Victoria, and children's fees for the program. This support would enable them to set up and initiate their 'My Best Self' program in a very short time. Normally this would have taken a lot longer due to the substantial background administration work required to bring these initiatives to fruition.

Bringing joy to schools

Bringing joy to schools

Scope of the project

'My Best Self' is a 10-week program teaching children the values of teamwork, resilience and self-confidence. At the end of the 10 weeks the program uses a ballroom gala to reinforce these skills and celebrate the children's achievements.

The scope of the project between DanceSport Confidence and the Ballroom Dancing Foundation was to work to expand the delivery of 'My Best Self' into as many Victorian schools as possible:

  • Phase 1 - Proof of concept of the program in a limited school set
  • Phase 2 - Expand the concept out over metropolitan Melbourne public schools
  • Phase 3 - Engage rural Victoria utilising key hubs as networking points

Defining the ideal project scope

Defining the ideal project scope

Project deliverables

The project was set to deliver the 'My Best Self' program to three primary schools in Melbourne's South East. The program was to run for 10 weeks, finishing up with a gala bringing the three schools together. It was estimated that between 60 and 80 children would be involved.

As the schools signed up, they made a decision to run the program across the whole student group for the year. This meant the program was to be delivered to almost 300 students.

An end of gala report was also requested. This report showed the progress of the children from beginning to end of the project and provided an indication of the program’s viability for continuance.

Creating achievable goals

Project measures of success

The elements leading to project success included:

  • Two of three schools willing to participate in the program again
  • Delivery of an end-of-term gala
  • Creation of an after schools program to continue dancing for children

All three of these measures were achieved by the end of the program. Due to the level of engagement the program is looking to expand the program to six schools per term.

The program gained the attention of Tim Richardson, Parliamentary Secretary for Schools, who attended the gala.

Funding milestones included:

  • Signoff on an initial engagement contract
  • Signup of three schools to the program
  • Completion of an end of gala report

The support of DanceSport Confidence fulfils the foundation’s main aim, which is to spread the joy of ballroom dancing - and in this particular situation, amongst school children - through the My Best Self program.

Creating achievable goals

Creating achievable goals

Can your school get involved?

Any school can apply to join this program by contacting DanceSport Confidence to see if they are in the next catchment area .

Get your school involved

Get your school involved

Why will this project continue to be a success?

The Ballroom Dancing Foundation has ensured success following our project review structure. We have achieved this through:

  • Being well organised
  • Using proactive communicators
  • Simple and effective processes
  • Progressive payment structure

The pilot program of My Best Self has shown ballroom dancing is popular in schools. The parent and teacher feedback matches the student feedback, and they are keen to include the program in their curriculum again. The Foundation is looking forward to supporting DanceSport Confidence in the future, with a larger group of schools and students.

Ballroom dancing has been taught in schools for many years, particularly for debutante balls. The structure of DanceSport Confidence’s program, however, stands out because, first and foremost, it teaches life skills and wellbeing through dance. Besides dance, the program focuses on building resilience, confidence and respect, and gives children a well-rounded skill set.

Proof of project success

Proof of project success

10 August 2022 | The News Bayside

Students at Mentone, Cheltenham East, and Seaford Primary Schools are learning to ballroom dance through a new program. Read on for more.

Link to PDF version

Ballroom dancing to help students with confidence

About us

The Ballroom Dancing Foundation is devoted to advancing Australian social and competitive ballroom dancing.

Established in 2021, the Ballroom Dancing Foundation supports the advancement of Ballroom dancing culture in Australia.

We provide merits based funding to individuals, educational providers, dance schools, organisations and commercial groups to facilitate a broad range of development activites.

Supported activities

Encouragement of participation of Ballroom Dancing

Performance or exhibition promoting awareness of Ballroom Dancing

Award scholarships for those wanting to compete in Ballroom Dancing

Social awareness campaigns for Ballroom Dancing


What is the Ballroom Dancing Foundation?

A group of philanthropists who are passionate about ballroom dancing have donated funds and time to set up the foundation. The directors represent them - on their behalf.

They wish to remain anonymous and want the focus to be on the dancing and not themselves.

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to get more people dancing, especially since Covid. We are focusing on school age kids to instill a long-life love of dancing, plus engage parents and their friends. We want to give children options beyond the standard sports of footy, netball, basketball, and cricket.

Our first major project has been seed funding the implementation of a ballroom dancing program at three Victortian primary schools in south east Melbourne. We want to expand children ballroom dancing into as many schools as quickly as possible.

We are developing many other exciting initiatives such as sponsoring children events at ballroom dancing competitions and giving prizes to winners.

What is DanceSport Confidence?

DanceSport Confidence is a Sydney based organisation who have been running ballroom dancing programs for school children since 2006 and have trained over 160,000 participants.
Our generous benefactors have sponsored DanceSport Confidence to come to Melbourne to implement the initiative at Mentone, Seaford North and Cheltenham East primary schools.

Who are Lana and David?

Director Lana Zgoznik

I love ballroom dancing and play musical instruments - the piano and the harp. I also deliver musical programs to aged care facilities in my business. I have always wanted to make a difference in the arts and when a request was offered for a voluntary position, I jumped at the opportunity. (if really questioned - you could say. An acquaintance of the philanthropists reached out to me to be involved.)

Director David Brent

In earlier years, my social life included ballroom dancing. I have always wanted to make a difference in the industry and so became involved by donating my time and business expertise when I saw what the Ballroom Dancing Foundation could achieve.